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The time of key duplication usually depends on the complexity of the key. However, It takes usually takes no more than a few minutes to get a key duplicated.
Yes. Professional locksmiths have enough knowledge and expertise to duplicate any key that is required.
Your locksmith might require your original key code for key duplication services.
Key duplication services from 1st Choice Locksmith are very affordable and pocket-friendly. It doesn’t cost much for key duplication services.
Yes. Always make sure you have authorization before copying a key.
Yes, we do offer a mobile service. However, it’s important to duplicate a key onsite for better functionality.
Key Duplication is making the exact copy of the key, whereas re-keying means replacing the locks to use some other key.
Locksmiths are more knowledge-able and their expertise lie in this specific area. They can give you better services than a hardware store.
Yes. Our technicians are always working around the clock and can shown up whenever needed.
Yes. Our locksmiths go through a certified training that makes them even more expert in what they do

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Car Key Duplication

If you are a car owner, there is a high possibility that you are going to lock yourself out. This is the sort of situation that every car owner encounters once in a while. This is the reason you need to get a duplicate key made.

If you are looking for excellent Key Duplication services, well – your search ends here. You have to come to the right place. We are a leading top-notch locksmith company, providing high-quality locksmith services to all our customers. We provide on-spot car key duplication services to get you back on the road in no time.

“Locked doors can’t hold us back, our professionals locksmiths possess the tools to unlock any challenge”

Why do I need Key Duplication services?

Unlocking the Benefits of Car Key Duplication

SPARE KEY: Keeping a spare key is always beneficial if you ever lose or damage your keys, you’ll always have a spare key to help yourself.

EMERGENCY SITUATIONS: You can easily gain access back to your car if you ever lose your car keys. A duplicate key always helps in emergencies.

CONVENIENCE: If other family members also use your car, you won’t have to exchange keys time and again. You can just get them a duplicate key for your and their convenience.

WEAR AND TEAR: Using the same key daily can cause the key to wear and tear, making it difficult to function properly. It’s important to keep a duplicate key for such a situation.

BACKUP IN CASE OF DAMAGE: If your original key gets damaged or unusable, you can always use your duplicate key for such a situation.

CUSTOMIZATION: You can get a customized duplicate key with a special design, color, or functionality and keep your original key intact.

Key Duplication; A real-life saver

Making Copies of Your Keys

Our team provides you with easy, quick, and affordable key duplication services. Making a copy of your key is extremely important because it may help you in many unwanted situations. It saves you time and money a big time.

• Keeping a duplicate key at your neighbor’s house gives you peace of mind that if you ever encounter a car lockout you can easily get out of it.

• The whole family using the same car and getting them a duplicate key saved you from a lot of hassle from exchanging the key again and again.

• It saves you a lot of time and money if you have a spare key.

Key Duplication On the Spot

One of the benefits of our services is that we duplicate you right on the spot. If you ever encounter a situation where you need the key immediately – you can call 1st Choice Locksmith and get yourself a duplicate key right away. Regardless of the weather conditions, or any other situation – we always reach you right on time at your provided location to get you out of this troubling scenario.

Our technicians are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and hardware to get you a duplicate key. Not only do we provide spot services, but also 24/7 available even on the weekends. You can easily rely on us for all your key duplication needs.

Key Cutting

Getting a duplicate key is also known as key cutting. You might think of getting key cutting or key duplication services from your hardware store nearby, and when you try to use the key on the car, it does not work. Now you have to return the key and have to get a duplicate key made right away. Doesn’t it cost you a lot of time and money? It does. That’s why you need a professional locksmith from 1st Choice Locksmith to help you get back on the road in no time.

Our professionals are highly skilled and know the nitty-gritty of car key duplication services. We have thousands of satisfied customers as we are the best in what we do. Your duplicate key must be made the correct way otherwise you might waste your money. And this is exactly why you need a skilled locksmith. So what are waiting for? Hire us right now.

Types of keys we work with

1st Choice Locksmith works with all types of car models. We have a wide range of variety of keys we work with. We are well-equipped and have all the tools and hardware to help you get a duplicate key in no time.

• Traditional metal keys

• Transponder keys

• Keyless entry remotes

• Key fobs

• Smart keys

• Proximity keys

• Laser-cut keys

• Valet keys

• Switchblade keys

• Tibbe keys (used in some Ford vehicles)

• Remote head keys

• High-security keys

• Key cards (used in some luxury vehicles)

• Mechanical keys for older models

Why trust a locksmith for key duplication services

A copy of your original keys should only be made by a locksmith. If you go to the hardware store, likely, they might not provide you with the proper working keys and then you would have to get a new one. When you hire a locksmith from 1st Choice Locksmith, you are relying on someone who has years of experience, the right tools, and all of the car key knowledge that is needed. A locksmith can help you way more efficiently and help you with all your key duplication concerns.

What happens if I lose the original key

If you want your services from a hardware store and you do not have the original key, it might be a problem. However, if you get your key duplication services from any professional locksmith, it would be very easy for us to create/cut a new key right on the spot. So, not having the original key is not a problem for a professional locksmith. We provide you with high-quality key duplication services that guarantee the functionality of the key.

Need professional key duplication services? Call us now!

If you are looking for high-quality on-spot key duplication services, you have landed in the right space. We guarantee you 100% key functionality and top-notch results for all your key duplication concerns. It’s important that you get your duplicate key from a professional locksmith rather than going to the hardware store. The key they provided might not work and you can end up wasting your time and money. We have years of experience and well-trained technicians that are highly equipped. By choosing us, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

1st Choice Locksmith is available for any emergency

Not only do we provide key duplication services, but we also provide other services. We have worked with thousands clients and provided them with extraordinary services. We are always working around the clock and guarantee you excellent services. Our services are not only efficient but also very pocket-friendly. You can call us for any sort of car key emergency and we help you right on the spot.