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If your lock is faulty, effecting functionality and is worn-out, you need to get repair or replacement services right away.
We strongly advise you to hire a professional for lock repair or replacement services.
The time depends on the complexity of the lock, however, it doesn’t take longer than an hour.
Most common reasons are attempted theft, worn out keys, electrical issues or broken mechanism.
Absolutely. A professional locksmith has all the expertise that is needed to repair or replace the car door without causing any damage.
It is not important to replace all the locks, only the damaged one needs attention.
It varies on the complexity of the lock issue or model of the car, however, we are the most affordable ones in town.
Yes. A locksmith can easily program or cut a new car key for you on the spot.
Yes. Our technicians are expert enough to deal with electronic car door locks as well.
Not always. Often times only a few components need attention.

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Door Repair and Replacement

Is your door damaged and effecting the functionality of your car? Do not hesitate to reach us out. In some cases, car lock is jammed or broken that sometimes needs a replacement, or repair. If you are looking for an experienced locksmith to provide you exceptional car repair or replacement services, your search ends here.

1st Choice Locksmith is a leading company that offers locksmith services including car key duplication, car key replacement, ignition repair and replacement, transponder key programming, remote key Fob programming, trunk lockout assistance and car door repair and replacement. We have skilled and qualified locksmiths that are experts in their field. We can help you in car door repair or replacement with our extensive years of experience and knowledge.

Door repair or replacement services provided by us:

Here are the door repair or replacement services we provide to our customers:

  • Jammed or stuck car door
  • Faulty or broken car door
  • Car door sticking
  • Replacing the car lock or door
  • Auto lock installation
  • Damaged door latch repairs
  • Replacement of car ignition locks
  • Car trunk lock replacement
  • Car lock cylinder replacement
  • Key jammed in the lock repair

Our locksmiths help with all models of car. We are highly equipped with wide array of locks for vehicles and car doors.


Reasons why door lock malfunctions

1. The door lock is faulty, causing the key to stop functioning properly

2. Central key locking system failure

3. The door latch has been broken

4. Key getting stuck in the lock

5. The door lock is rusted because of weather damage

6. Insufficient Lubrication

7. Broken lock tail piece


No matter what the reason is, you would need to get the lock repair or replaced by a professional locksmith. We can help you as we are experts and have all the experience as well as the knowledge that is required to help you out.

Why do you need door lock repair or replacement

There are several reasons why you might need door lock repair or replacement services. We will list a few of them here.

• The lock on the door is broken or damaged

• The door locked is jammed shut

• The lock is corroded or cracked

• A problem with activation rods

Car Door Lock Installation

A faulty car door lock is an open invitation to burglars and thieves to come and steal equipment of your car. Not only a damaged door increases the risk of theft, but also can lead to auto lockout situation that is, undoubtedly extremely infuriating. If your car door is jammed, faulty, or damaged – you need to get it replaced or repaired right away. That’s where we come in. Our technicians from 1st Choice Locksmith are extremely keen and has experience in the field. We have all the right tools and accessories to get the job done. Call us as we are auto door lock installation experts and professionals. You can be rest assured and can rely on us for any of your services.

Car door lock repair

Car door locks tend to get damaged or worn-out over the years. Often times, your car door needs replacement if the issue is not resolvable, however, at other times – our locksmiths will detect the issue that is effecting its functionality and repair the car door lock so it can work properly. In most cases, a few parts of the lock would need to get replaced in order to make it work effectively.

Repairing vs Replacing the locks

Many car door issues can easily be resolved by removing broken key pieces from the lock, repairing lock mechanism, cleaning debris, removing obstruction, lubricating the lock cylinder and many other methods. However, sometimes the whole lock needs to be replaced completely so you have a new one to work with.

For instance, if your car door is completely corroded or door lock is damaged, it’s highly likely that you would need to replace the car door lock for better functionality and safety. Keep in mind that you would need to get a new key cut so it can be compatible enough with your door lock.

24/7 emergency trunk lockout assistance

We are available 24/7 for our clients. For any door repair or replacement service, you can easily rely on 1st Choice Locksmith. We are just one call away and provide urgent assistance to our customers. You can contact us at any time of the day, regardless of the weather conditions – we are always there to help you get out of any car lockout situation. We aim at reaching within 30 minutes of your call and solve your problem within just a few minutes.

Qualified and fully equipped locksmith

Our technicians undergo certified training and are well-equipped. There is no lockout problem that we can’t solve. No matter the car model or the key type, our professionals are committed to providing your high-quality top-notch services. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in all fields of car lockout problems. We have thousands of customers that are highly satisfied with our services.

Precautionary Measures

• Do not slam the car door so it can be prevented from latch damage.

• Keep the rubber’s seal clean

• Lubricate it for optimal performance

• Try not to park close to walls or other cars

• Regularly inspect the doors maintenance

• Don’t use excessive force when closing the door

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