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That one infuriating and peculiar moment where your key gets stuck in the lock while trying to unlock or lock your car. The one mistake that most of us do is forcefully pull the key in a rush, hoping it would come out. But a terrible consequence of it is, we end up breaking the key or the key gets stuck in the lock. If you ever encounter such a scenario, it’s better to call a professional locksmith to help you out.

When we say professional, we mean  – a locksmith having in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. Having extensive years of experience in the field. Someone who has certified training and all the technical skills to handle all of the car key problems. Someone who is aware of the use of all the tools or accessories and how to tackle any key issues.

That’s exactly what 1st Choice Locksmith provides. Excellent technicians with years of experience and knowledge. So if you are in search of excellent broken key extraction services – contact us right now!

Jammed Key Removal

If your key is jammed in the ignition, never try to forcefully pull it out. You might end up breaking the key or damaging the ignition as well. Which can cause you even more trouble. It is better to call a locksmith right away to get you a duplicate key right away or repair your broken keys. 

Reasons for jammed keys:

  • Damaged or worn-out keys 
  • Ignition or cylinder issues 
  • Steering wheel lock
  • Debris or corroded keys
  • Faulty keys or transponder 

It’s very important to call a professional locksmith to avoid any further damage. You can call us for high-quality broken key extraction services. We are just one call away. It’s one of the most common situations so it’s important to get 1st Choice Locksmith on your speed dial. We can get you out of trouble in no time.

Key cutting after extraction

Keys are very delicate and fragile. Oftentimes, in the process of jammed key removal – keys usually end up breaking into two pieces or getting stuck inside the lock. Usually, we locksmiths are called upon when the key is stuck or broken. Fortunately, you can rely on our technicians as we can extract your key right away without much ado. Our technicians can cut a new key for you if your key is wasted completely.  

What to expect from broken key extraction services

Now that you have broken your keys or your key is stuck in the lock – it’s a painful situation. You’re locked out of your car and you can’t get back in. 1st Choice Locksmith reaches quickly whenever called upon, well-equipped with all the necessary tools and accessories. Our toolkit is professionally designed by experts to extract a key that is stuck inside the lock. 

We strictly discourage removing your key all by yourself because it would cause you even more damage, and the more damage, the more the price you’d have to pay. Have a look at the steps that we may undertake while analyzing your broken key extraction situation.

  • Upon arrival, our experts would first ask you all the specific details that led you to your car lockout. How did the key stick etc. 
  • Our technicians will use their professional tools to extract the broken key from the lock. 
  • If the broken key piece or object has gone too far. Our technicians would advise you to remove the entire lock and install a completely new one.
  • Our locksmiths have a wide variety of locks from which you can choose your desired locks.

24/7 emergency broken key extraction services

We are available 24/7 for our clients. For any emergency Lockouts, you can easily rely on 1st Choice Locksmith for broken key extraction services. We are just one call away and provide urgent assistance to our customers. You can contact us at any time of the day, regardless of the weather conditions – we are always there to help you get out of any car lockout situation. We aim at reaching within 30 minutes of your call and solve your problem within just a few minutes.

Qualified and fully equipped locksmith

Our technicians undergo certified training and are well-equipped. There is no key problem that we can’t solve. No matter the car model or the key type, our professionals are committed to providing your high-quality top-notch services. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in all fields of car lockout problems. We have thousands of customers that are highly satisfied with our services. 

Trustworthy broken key extraction services

You can count on 1st Choice Locksmith as we are the most reliable company when it comes to any key-related issues. There is a high chance that other locksmiths might end up damaging the car – but when it comes to our technicians, we are well-equipped and experts in our field. We provide reliable and trustworthy broken key extraction services. We are committed to providing top-notch services to all customers. So, when you contact us  – you can rest assured that you will get fantastic services.

The importance of broken key extraction

Having a broken key in the lock can potentially damage the internal parts of the lock. If you have tried to forcefully pull out the key and have damaged it even more, you will have to pay a lot. Attempting the armature methods will cause damage to your vehicle. It’s always better to hire a professional locksmith from our company to assist you in every way possible.

Importance of Non-destructive methods; broken key extraction

As professional locksmiths, we prefer non-destructive methods to avoid causing damage to your car. We use some techniques and methods to safely remove the broken key without damaging the lock. A few methods that we use for broken key extraction are:

  • Key Extractors
  • Lubrication
  • Lock Disassembly
  • Precision tools 
  • Lock Re-pinning

These non-destructive methods require expertise and expense knowledge to execute safely. We have all the accessories and tools to analyze the situation and find the best method for your key extraction without causing any damage.

Precautionary Measures

  • Handle keys with care
  • Avoid using heavy key-chains 
  • Regular maintenance 
  • Applying Lubrication to your keys
  • Keep a spare key
  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Seek professional assistance 


Yes. Our locksmiths are highly professional and can extract a key for any type of lock.
Yes. Locksmiths are well-trained and highly equipped. They are aware of all non-destructive methods to extract a broken without causing any damage to the lock.
Yes. Locksmiths are experts in their fields and have all the accessories to extract a broken key even if it is lodged inside the lock.
It doesn’t typically take more than 15 minutes. It also depends on the complexity of your situation.
Although all our locksmiths are highly skilled, but still if the lock gets damaged during the extraction process – we can repair or replace it right away.
No. We strongly advice you to not try any armature methods because you might end up causing even more damage. Its better to call a locksmith right away.
Yes. We can create a replacement key right on the spot after extracting the broken key.
We are forever ready to assist our customers and get them out of any emergency situations
No. Our broken key extraction services are highly affordable and pocket-friendly.
Yes. It’s important for you to be there with a spare key if that’s needed. But, you must supervise the technicians and closely analyse their work.

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