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You do not need to panic. Stay calm and move out of the traffic. Call 1st Choice Locksmith or any other emergency car door unlocking services. Do not try any armature methods and let the professionals help.
If you consult 1st Choice Locksmith – it takes us 10-15 minutes to reach where you are. However, it also depends how far your vehicle is from our team.
It typically takes no less than 10 minutes for 1st Choice Locksmith team to unlock the door. It also depends on the type of lock you have. However, our technicians can deal with all type of locks as we are fully equipped with all the important accessories.
Not at all. If you consult a professional locksmith for our company, we can guarantee you quick yet high quality services.
There is hardly any door that a locksmith can’t unlock. Our technicians are experts in what they do so you can reply upon 1st Choice Locksmith.
We strongly advice you to consult a professional rather than forcefully breaking in and trying any other armature methods. In such an emergency, it’s highly likely that you can damage the car as well as yourself.
Car Lockout service from 1st Choice Locksmith is relatively less pricey and high quality as well. It doesn’t cost much at all.
Yes. Our technicians are expert in different field and can open all sorts of locks depending upon the model.
We can’t speak for other companies, however, here at 1st Choice Locksmith – our technicians undergo a certified training and always working under a supervision. Our team is fully equipped and committed to provide the best.
Well, if you have accidentally locked yourself out of the car – do not worry. You can always call 1st Choice Locksmith as they will help you get back in the road in no time.

Table of Contents

Car Lockout

Have you ever experienced one of those infuriating moments where you unintentionally locked yourself out of the car? The maddening feeling and sheer frustration when you’re stuck on the road, unable to access your keys, and looking inside the car from the window – completely helpless. Something we all wish to avoid, right?

However, it is more common than you think. In such an emergency, 1st Choice Locksmith is there to save you. Our technicians can arrive within a few minutes and solve all your key problems. We can deal with a trunk lockout, lost keys, damaged keys, ignition keys, or lock issues.

What Leads to a Car Lockout?

Don’t Fall Victim; Unleashing the secrets behind Car Lockouts

Save yourself from such a predicament, and let’s unravel the reasons behind getting locked out of the car. Let’s dive right in!

  • Key Misplacement: When you’re distracted or in a rush, you absentmindedly leave your car keys inside the car or misplace them somewhere. It is one of the common reasons for the car lockout.
  • Malfunctioning Door Locks: The lock stops working when your car door is jammed or damaged. It can lead you to the inconvenience of locking yourself outside the car.
  • Keys Left Inside The Car: Exiting the vehicle and unconsciously leaving the keys inside; something that happens a little too much.
  • Key-Related Issues: Keys tend to be damaged or dented over the years. Broken or faulty keys make it difficult to unlock the car.
  • Electronic Key Fob Issues: Modern days have modern problems. Electronic fob key issues can happen if it runs out of battery, or some other keyless entry issue can occur.

What Solutions 1st Choice Locksmith can Provide?

1ST Choice Locksmith, Your Roadside Savior

1ST Choice Locksmith gets you out of any complex car lockout situation. We have many accessories, tools, and hardware to help you get back into the car. No matter what the car model is, we have solutions for all your problems:

  • We carry all kinds of tools needed to unlock the car door, such as Wedges, Probes, Slim Jims, Auto Lock Picks, etc
  • On Spot Assistance within a few minutes to get you back on the road
  • We instantly get you a customized key and give you a duplicate one
  • Our technicians are highly expert and always working around the clock
  • We are budget-friendly and affordable to everyone
  • Our service is quick, convenient, and efficient
  • We provide services 24/7 a week, regardless of the weather conditions.

What to do when I am Locked out of the Car?

Escape the Lockout Dilemma

Assess the situation: First things first. DO NOT PANIC. Take a deep breath and analyze the situation appropriately. Panicking will only cloud your judgment. It is not going to open the door magically. Assess the case, and stay composed.

Check all the entry points: Ensure all the possible opening ways. You never know; you might find an unlocked window, and it could save the day.

Seek assistance from nearby friends: Look in your surroundings to see if a friendly face is ready to lend you a helping hand. They might have the tools needed to get back in the car.

Contact a locksmith or roadside assistance: Contact a professional locksmith or roadside assistance, as they can help you get in the car within minutes.

Don’t try to break forcefully -in: We advise you not to try any amature methods as it can cause some other damage to the car, or you can harm yourself. Try to keep calm and escalate the situation.

Avoid improvised tools: Using any objects or improvised tools can lead you to other key problems. So, we strictly advise you not to use any methods that can cause further danger to the car and might cause you some extra expense.

Key Duplication or Replacement

1ST Choice Locksmith is a team of experts in their field. If you ever encounter such a situation, contact us. We can send our team within minutes and check your car door without causing any damage. We will instantly get you a duplicate key or replace it with a new one so you don’t have to stand outside for long.

Broken Key Extraction

If your key has broken off in the ignition or the lock, leave it to us. We have specialized tools to help you extract or replace the key with a new one.

Ignition System Repair

Our technicians undergo a daily training session and are experts in understanding the faults and diagnosing the problems. Our locksmiths can get your key repaired immediately on the spot.

Lock Re-keying

1ST Choice Locksmith can help you rekey the car locks. If you are concerned about unauthorized access, you can rely on us. We know all the underlying problems and solutions, such as how to change internal pins so older locks won’t work, etc.

Car Trunk Lockout

We offer a wide range of solutions for Trunk Lockouts. Do not try to break in, or you’ll be completely locked out of the car. Our professionals know all the clever tricks to unlock the car trunk from within a vehicle by opening the front cabin first.

Proactive Measures To Prevent Car Lockouts

Always keep an extra spare key to save yourself from such an encounter. Keep it somewhere accessible such as your wallet.

  • Use the remote unlock/lock feature to ensure you always have your keys with you.
  • Use key finder devices to help you find and locate your key whenever stuck in such a situation.
  • Always keep 1st Choice Locksmith on your speed dial so we can help you in any car lockout emergency.
  • Double-check before locking the car that your keys are in your hands.
  • Whenever getting out of the car briefly, do not leave it in the ignition.

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