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Absolutely. You need to call a professional locksmith to help you open the trunk and get your key back.
It takes no longer than 10 minutes you get your keys back and open the car trunk, only if you hire a professional locksmith.
Deadlock means that car door is not going to open from inside or the outside. Which is why you need a professional skilled locksmith to help you in this situation.
Yes. Even if you have lost your keys in the trunk, our locksmiths can still open the car right away.
In most cases, a locksmith does not require proof of ownership for the car. However, they might ask if you have right to access the vehicle.
We are skilled qualified locksmiths years of experience. We have all the expertise, knowledge and tools to open the car trunk without causing it any damaged.
Absolutely. Our locksmiths will detect the underlying issue and fix it as soon as possible.
Yes. Once our locksmith has unlocked the trunk, you can retrieve any items you like.
We provide cheap and affordable trunk lockout assistance services. You can contact us for further details.
Yes. We provide trunk lockout assistance 24/7 regardless of the weather conditions.

Table of Contents

Trunk Lockout Assistance

Are your keys locked in the trunk? Or have you lost your keys somewhere? If you are looking for affordable and quick trunk lockout assistance, we have got you covered. Our technicians from 1st Choice Locksmith are experts in the field – committed to providing you with the best possible services.

We can reach you at your locations within less than 30 minutes, and immediately resolve your trunk lockout problem. From jammed keys to lost or faulty keys – we can handle anything for you within a few minutes.

Imagine walking back to your car trunk to put your groceries in, and you check your pockets only to find out that you have lost your keys. Do not panic. If you ever encounter such a situation, make sure you have 1st Choice Locksmith on your speed dial to get excellent trunk lockout assistance.

Reasons for Trunk Lockout

There are major reasons why your trunk might not open. Here are a few:

  • You have accidentally locked your keys inside the trunk
  • There is an inherent problem with the trunk causing you to not open the door
  • The key fob is damaged or unresponsive and is failing to deliver the signals properly
  •  Your Keys are jammed in the trunk
  • Weak or dead battery causing trunk release to not function properly
  • The trunk lock cylinder is damaged
  • Wiring issue affecting the trunk lock
  • Car’s anti-theft security system preventing in accessing the trunk

Trunk Lockout Assistance for old car models

For an older car model, our trunk lockout assistance providers will analyze the lock on the door handle. With our specialized tools and equipment, we will unlock the door by putting a hooked accessory between the rubber part and the window side. It is quite a difficult process, however, our technicians have all the knowledge and expertise to handle an old model’s car trunk lockout assistance.

If your trunk needs to be repaired, we can be providing you with trunk repair services as well. It is important to get it done by a professional locksmith that has all the necessary tools to provide you with excellent trunk lockout assistance.

What trunk lockout assistance do we offer?

Trunk lock is quite different from normal vehicles and requires expertise to unlock. It is crucial to service trunk locks in an entirely different way. It is important to note here that trunk lockout assistance can only provide from within the vehicle and not outside the car.

We offer the following trunk lockout services:

✓Damaged trunk lock

✓Jammed key in the trunk lock

✓Keys locked in the trunk

✓Trunk deadlock solutions

✓Remote control issues

We are always available to help you out with any of these above-mentioned issues related to car trunk lockout. If you have mistakenly left your keys in the trunk (that happens way too often) we can help you. Instead of feeling annoyed or frustrated, call professionally qualified locksmiths from 1st Choice Locksmith. Many clients get embarrassed that they have locked their keys inside the trunk but it is important to note as this is the situation every other car owner encounters.

Trunk lockout assistance for new car models

New car models have the latest electronic security systems. It is why they require a different technique or method for trunk lockout. Firstly, our experts will access the panel part of the lock, and the other four fuses as well. Doing this will detect the issue of trunk lockout. Replacing or fixing the issue will resolve your trunk lockout issue right at the moment. There are some other methods as well as alternatives to this one, that are only known by expert locksmiths from 1st Choice Locksmith. Hire us today!

Key retrieval from the trunk

Sometimes you can accidentally get locked inside the trunk, denying your access to the trunk. We can help you retrieve your keys back in no time. If your car is a little old, let’s say before the mid-2000s, it is most likely that you have completely lost trunk access. That’s where you need a qualified locksmith from our company. Our technicians will assess the efficient and most safe way to access your car trunk.

If a customized deadlock is installed in your cat, it is quite complicated to retrieve your keys and unlock your car trunk. We can help you in such a situation without rendering your warranty invalid. It is important to work with authorized locksmiths who can label your car warranty as invalid. That’s why you need 1st Choice Locksmith to provide you with excellent trunk lockout assistance.

What to Expect from 1st Choice Locksmith

✓Affordable, quick, and efficient trunk lockout assistance

✓24/7 availability

✓Access to databases for all of the car brands which means we can cut a key for your on-spot

✓We deal with all types of car trunks

✓We work throughout the years including weekends and holidays

✓We are just one call away as we are mobile

✓Upfront pricing

✓Fully authorized

✓Excellent workers with years of experience

24/7 emergency trunk lockout assistance

We are available 24/7 for our clients. For any emergency trunk lockouts, you can easily rely on 1st Choice Locksmith. We are just one call away and provide urgent assistance to our customers. You can contact us at any time of the day, regardless of the weather conditions – we are always there to help you get out of any car lockout situation. We aim at reaching within 30 minutes of your call and solve your problem within just a few minutes.

Qualified and fully equipped locksmiths

Our technicians undergo certified training and are well-equipped. There is no lockout problem that we can’t solve. No matter the car model or the key type, our professionals are committed to providing your high-quality top-notch services. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in all fields of car lockout problems. We have thousands of customers that are highly satisfied with our services.

Precautionary Measures

• Carry a spare key at all times

• Regularly maintain and check the situation of your trunk mechanism

• Keep 1st Choice Locksmith or any professional locksmith on a speed dial for emergency encounters

• Clean any debris from the trunk area

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