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1st choice locksmith is a trusted partner when it comes to the security and safety of your business. Our company provides high quality commercial locksmith services to all businesses, our locksmiths having years of experience and proficiency in all fields. We tailor our solutions according to the need of each security requirement including small enterprises as well as the large offices. 

1st choice locksmith has earned the reputation of being a reliable company, committed to provide excellence to the customers. Here are some key services that we provide to our customers. 

Commercial lock installation and repair

Our locksmiths are well-trained in installation of various range commercial-oriented locks. Whether you need advanced electronic ones and traditional key operated locks, we have got you. We can also provide you with lock repair services in any emergency office lockout. 

Access Control System Installation and Maintenance

Whether you have lost access to your office keys, or it has become faulty – we can install a high quality access control system and provide you with top-notch maintenance services. From biometric systems to keycard access, we can provide solutions that are incongruent to your requirements as well as your budget. For smooth functionality, we provide regular maintenance. 

High-Security Lock Installation

Standard locks aren’t the right choice to protect your business area. Intruders and thieves can easily break them and gain access. High security locks offer advanced features that add on higher level protection against thieves and unauthorized access. High security locks are designed with cutting-edge technology, and are significantly resistant to picking, bumping, and drilling. Call 1st choice locksmith today for high security lock installation and upgrade. 

Master Key System Setup and Management

It can be quite difficult to manage multiple keys at once, especially a business having too many keys. Simplify your access with one master key while ensuring the security of your business. Our skilled locksmiths can design and implement a master key system that grants varying levels of access to different personnel as per your organizational structure.

Panic Bar Installation and Repair

Panic bar installations are important for swift and safe evacuations. Our locksmiths specialize in repairing and installation of panic bars. We ensure compliance with safety regulations. Our panic bars are designed to withstand high pressure scenarios’ and are durable, efficient, and reliable.

File Cabinet and Desk Lock Replacement

Maintaining confidentiality is the top priority of every business. If your file cabinets are outdated and have become faulty, our locksmiths can provide you with modern and robust solutions. We ensure that your private and sensitive documents and data remain safe as well as secure.

Safe Installation and Combination Change

Safeguard your valuable assets, cash, and documents with the help of our skilled locksmiths. We offer expert safe installation services that are reliable as well as promising. We can provide maintenance services as well if you think the security of your lock has been compromised. 

Security Camera System Installation

It is important to keep a watchful eye on your business and lock out for any potential thieves and burglars. Our locksmiths specialize in providing high quality security camera installation to keep you conscious of your surroundings. Our locksmiths will cover all the critical areas providing you with peace of mind. 

Key Card and Proximity System Installation

1st choice locksmith offers top-notch key card and proximity installation services that complement your security and ensures smooth access for authorized personnel. Key cards and proximity are the most efficient way to enable access. 

Keyless Entry System Installation and Programming

Save yourself from the hassle of keys of keeping multiple keys, and embrace the ease of keyless entry system installation. It provides flexible and smooth access to your business without having to worry about the misplacement of your traditional keys. 


Lock installation, repair, and maintenance for businesses.
Yes, locksmiths can install and maintain access control systems.
A master key system allows efficient access control with different levels of access for personnel.
Panic bars facilitate quick and safe emergency exits in buildings.
Yes, locksmiths can replace old or damaged file cabinets and desk locks.
Yes, locksmiths can install safes to protect valuable assets and documents.
Security cameras provide surveillance and deter potential threats.
Yes, locksmiths can set up key card and proximity systems for streamlined access.
A keyless entry system eliminates traditional keys, and locksmiths can program it for you.
A locksmith can assess your security needs and recommend tailored solutions for maximum protection.