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There is no worse sinking feeling than checking your pockets for your keys, only to discover you have lost them. Imagine going back to your car to put your groceries in, and you don’t have your keys. Now you are stuck in the middle of the road, “Keyless” and helpless. Scary, isn’t it?

If you have lost or damaged your keys, don’t worry. We have got you. We provide on-spot high-quality services of car key replacement. No matter the model, time, place, or weather  – we are committed to delivering top-notch services to all our customers. 

Why do I need car key replacement services?

  • You have lost your car keys.
  • Your car keys have been damaged and stopped functioning.
  • There is a risk of unauthorized access and theft.
  • It is budget-friendly.
  • It offers peace of mind and convenience. 
  • You have broken your keys in the ignition. 

 Car Keys Replacement After Extraction 

If your car got damaged or broken while extracting, it’s an enormous stress. Do not try to remove the key yourself, as you might damage the lock even more. If not, you can damage the key as well. That’s where 1st Choice Locksmith comes in. Our technicians are highly qualified and professional. You can hire us if you need a car key replacement service. Our services are high-quality, and our technicians have all the knowledge and expertise to replace the car keys. 

Many unprofessional locksmiths can damage your car and key, so it’s better to hire a reliable one so you don’t have to worry about any damage. If another locksmith has already tried and damaged your car, do not waste your time arguing. Call us immediately and save time, as we can quickly get you a key replacement.

Lost or stolen car keys replacement 

If your keys have been stolen or you have lost your car keys, it can be an infuriating moment. Wherever you are, you will need a new key to get back on the road quickly. Even if you have a spare key, it isn’t easy to go back home and get it, especially if you are far.

You can always hire 1st Choice Locksmith to solve all your “key” needs. We can reach there immediately and cut/replace the car keys for you. We are always here to save you from a car lockout.

Broken Car Keys Replacement

You need to get a car key replacement immediately if you have broken or damaged your keys. Do not delay your replacement services because there is a risk of theft and unauthorized access for burglars. It gives an open invitation to them to steal your car. 

Car keys usually break when you use them on the wrong lock. When you put unnecessary effort into turning the key because you think it’s jammed  – that’s when the car key breaks. Well, don’t worry. 1st Choice Locksmith can save you from stress and time. We can reach your location within 15-30 minutes and replace your car key immediately.

Bent or damaged car keys replacement

Car keys tend to get damaged, bent, or faulty over the years. They get corroded and warped, which can cause trouble. It’s important to recheck these things before you go out. Please do not delay your broken Car Key Replacement services, and call us today. Set yourself free from any unwanted frustration. Contact 1st Choice Locksmith; we can provide pocket-friendly yet outstanding services. We can cut replacement keys within a few minutes and immediately get you back on the road.

Why choose 1st Choice Locksmith for car key replacement

We are the leading locksmith company, providing excellent car replacement services for years. We have thousands of satisfied customers. Our service is quick, convenient, and high-quality. We reach your location within no time, regardless of the weather conditions. We are committed to solving all your key concerns, whether it’s heavy rain or a storm.  

Our technicians undergo certified training that guarantees top-notch services to quickly get you back on the road. We repair, cut, replace, duplicate, and program keys on the spot. However, you can also call us and book an appointment with us.

Importance of getting a car key replacement services

Having a car is every person’s need in this era. Our daily lives depend on a car. From going to work, and getting groceries  – we cannot function without a car. 

But, have you wondered what would happen if you lost or misplaced your car key? All of your daily activities will immediately stop. These circumstances occur more often than you think and is no less than a nightmare. That’s where 1st Choice Locksmith swoops in. You can hire us for high-quality services.

Benefits of getting a car key replaced

Avoiding Emergencies

If you ever encounter such a situation, no need to panic. You can always call 1st Choice Locksmith for immediate high quality key replacement services.

Time saving:

If you hire a professional locksmith, you will be able to save a lot time. For a quick car replacement key service, hire technicians from 1st Choice Locksmith.


It’s important to get your car key replaced immediately before any emergency arises. 1st Choice Locksmith provides high-quality affordable services.

Why Choose Us?



If you hire a professional locksmith – it wouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes to cut a key for you. It also depends on the model of the car. Usually, it doesn’t take much time.
Car keys are very different from house keys. To cut a car key, you need special expertise and accessories that only a locksmith can provide. The supermarket doesn’t have the required equipment’s to help you replace or cut keys.
1st Choice Locksmith can still replace a car key for you If you have lost the original ones. There is new technology and hardware that helps us in cutting you a key without the original one.
No. You do not always need to replace the ignition. It varies from the time period. If your car is a little old such as 1980’s. However, if your ignition is damaged- then you might need to change it.
If you consult 1st Choice Locksmith – it takes us 10-15 minutes to reach where you are. However, it also depends how far your vehicle is from our team.
Yes. Our team is well trained and has all of the expertise needed to replace a car key. No matter the type of the model, we can cut and replace key easily.
It is up to you whether you choose to go back to your dealer. However, we advice you to hire a professional locksmith because they are experts in the field. Also they charge you way less than a dealer.
No. 1st Choice Locksmith provides budget friendly high quality services, catering all your lock and key needs.
Yes. Our team is always working around the clock, and can reach there whenever you call.
Yes. If your key is broken or damaged, we can instantly cut a new key for you on the spot and get you back on the road.