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Yes. We can program a key fob for your vehicle as we are highly skilled and experts in our field.
It doesn’t take more than 15-30 minutes. However, it also depends on the situation of your vehicle or key.
Not necessarily. You do not need to bring your vehicle because we provide remote or on-site services.
Yes. Our technicians are highly expert and efficient. They can easily program a key fob even if you have lost your keys.
No. Its important to hire a professional for key fob programming services.
It usually doesn’t happen however if it fails initially, we will detect the issue and resolve it right away.
Absolutely not. We ensure non-destructive methods to solve your key fob problems so it doesn’t effect your warranty.
Not at all. We provide high quality yet very affordable services to all our customers.
We usually prefer key fob programming services for privately owned vehicles. However, if the rental company itself calls us, we can provide our services.
Yes. We are a leading locksmith company. We are available 24/7 regardless of the weather conditions.

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Remote Key Fob Programming

The importance and security of your day to day vehicles cannot be compromised. Its crucial to make sure that your car is safe and secure at all times. Locks, keys, or electronic security systems are not as reliable as we want them to be. They tend to get damaged over time. If your remote key has stopped working, and you are having problem getting into your car through key-less remote entry system, do not worry.

1st Choice Locksmith is always there to save you from any car key issue. Our experts are well-trained and well-equipped enough to get you out of any trouble and get you back on the road in no time.

What is a key fob

A key fob is a remote key-less system that allows you to lock or unlock the car from a distance. You do not need to manually lock or unlock the car if you have a fob key. These keys come handy when your hands are full of shopping bags or groceries. The key-less entry system has made it easier and convenient for all car owners to lock or unlock their car.

How to program a key fob

If you need key fob programming services, you do not need to contact your dealer as it might cost you a lot. We cab help you program your key at a very affordable price.

Upon arrival – our locksmith follow these rules to program your key fob

• Getting into the car

• Turning on the ignition

• Selecting the key program mode on car’s electronic system

• Pressing the correct buttons to sync up the fob to the car

• Testing the key and trying again I’d needed

This process is a little difficult which is why we strongly advice you to hire a professional for this job. You can damage your key fob and end up locking the car completely.



How do I know I need key fob programming services

The key fob breakage can happen any time. It can be very frustrating when you’re trying to unlock your car and it doesn’t happen quickly. It happens probably because your car key needs programming. Here are some questions you can pay attention on if you are not sure your key needs to be programmed

• Does my fob key works only from time to time? If yes. It means the signal isn’t enough

• Does my fob key works only when I am near my car? If yes – the signal isn’t strong enough.

• Is my key fob damaged and needs to be replaced? Another strong reason for getting your key programmed.

If you answered to any one of these questions “yes”. Now is the time to call your locksmith for key fob programming services.



Specialized hardware required for key fob programming services

Special tools, accessories and hardware is required to get key fob programming services. It is important to call your locksmith rather than handling the situation on your own. Locksmiths have appropriate tools and knowledge to get your key fob programmed appropriately. Tools available in the hardware store might not be enough to get your key fob programmed so it is necessary to call 1st Choice Locksmith for high-quality key fob programming services.

Why Contact 1st Choice Locksmith for key fob programming services

You can contact 1st Choice Locksmith today for top-notch key fob programming services. Our technicians are highly skilled and well-trained. They have all the knowledge that is needed to get your key fob programmed. Not only they are skilled in this domain, but also in all car key problems you may encounter on a daily basis such as car lockout, car key replacement, key duplication, ignition repair etc. Do not try any armature methods on your own as you might end up causing even more damage to your vehicle. Call 1st Choice Locksmith right now.

24/7 emergency key fob programming services

We are available 24/7 for our clients. For any emergency Lockouts, you can easily rely on 1st Choice Locksmith and also for key fob programming services. We are just one call away and provide urgent assistance to our customers. You can contact us at any time of the day, regardless of the weather conditions – we are always there to help you get out of any car lockout situation. We aim at reaching within 30 minutes of your call and solve your problem within just a few minutes.

Highly skilled and well-equipped locksmiths

Our technicians undergo certified training and are well-equipped. There is no key problem that we can’t solve. No matter the car model or the key type, our professionals are committed to providing your high-quality top-notch services. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in all fields of car lockout problems. We have thousands of customers that are highly satisfied with our services.

Trustworthy key fob programming services

You can count on 1st Choice Locksmith as we are the most reliable company when it comes to any key-related issues. There is a high chance that other locksmiths might end up damaging the car – but when it comes to our technicians, we are well-equipped and experts in our field. We provide reliable and trustworthy key fob programming services. We are committed to providing top-notch services to all customers. So, when you contact us – you can rest assured that you will get fantastic services.

Precautionary Measures

• Handle the key with care

• Keep your key away from water

• Protect your key from extreme temperatures

• Avoid exposing it to magnetic fields or magnet

• Separate it from other keys or metal objects

• Use a protective case or cover for your key

• Seek professional assistance whenever needed


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