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Keyless entry system installation and programming

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Keyless entry system installation and programming

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Keyless entry system installation is an excellent as well as flexible security solution committed to provide your business with perfect safety. These systems offer peace of mind along with the security. 1st choice locksmith can provide you with top-notch keyless entry system installation and programming services. Call us today!

Benefits of keyless entry system

  • Ease of access and convenience
  • No need of physical keys
  • Reduced risk of theft
  • Remote access and control
  • Customized access levels
  • Easy and quick programming
  • Improved accessibility

Proximity tokens and cards

Proximity systems allow the users to hold the card or token nearer to the reader in order to gain access of the commercial area. There is no need of physical cards to enter. These types of systems allow convenient and easy access to your business.

Touch disk tokens

These tokens require physical contact to gain the access otherwise they are somewhat like the proximity tokens. Once the token is tapped on to the reader, it sends a signal to grant the access. This system is used where high security is required as it prevents unauthorized access.

Biometric System

Biometric systems use specific physical or behavioral features of individuals to gain access. Such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition and hand geometry. It provides extra level security which is impossible to duplicate for the thieves or burglars. 

Smart card access

The card access systems allow the users to utilize the electronic cards equipped with RIFD to grant the access. These systems are widely used in offices, houses, hostels, flats, and other areas where a big number of users need controlled access. The owners are presented with the card that they use to gain entry.

Simple digital keypad

Digital keypad allows you to access control through a PIN code. The business owner/user would need to enter a pin code in order to unlock the gate or a door. Keypad system is commonly used because of its cost-effectiveness and easy access as well. Our locksmiths specialize in installing keypad systems, so call us now.

Mobile App-based Access

This allows the user to install an application on their mobile phone and access the entry points remotely. Users don’t need to take care of the physical cards and they can easily gain entry through their mobile phones. The app communicates with the access control system through Bluetooth or the internet, granting users access privileges based on their credentials.

Face recognition

This is advanced biometric system security. It recognizes the individuals based on their facial features. It captures the face patterns and compares it while allowing the entry. It is a must-use especially in commercial areas where security is the top priority. 

Voice recognition

Voice recognition system is another biometric advanced security system. It identifies the voice patterns of the individual’s and allows the access based on patterns of the voice.

Fingerprint scanners

Fingerprint scanning is another way of allowing access to the individuals. These are used for high security and safety. This system authenticates users based on their fingerprint, offering a secure way to grant access.


A keyless entry system is a modern access control solution that allows users to enter a space without traditional physical keys, using various technologies like proximity tokens, biometrics, and mobile apps.
Yes, keyless entry systems can offer enhanced security with features like biometric recognition and encryption, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
Absolutely! Keyless entry systems are highly customizable, allowing you to define various access levels and permissions for different users.
Yes, modern keyless entry systems often support multiple technologies, providing flexibility and tailored access control solutions.
Yes, keyless entry systems can be seamlessly integrated with existing security infrastructure, enhancing overall protection.
If you lose a token or card, it can be quickly deactivated from the system, rendering it useless for access.
Mobile app-based systems are managed through secure cloud-based platforms, allowing administrators to add or revoke access remotely.
Yes, biometric data is typically encrypted and stored securely within the system to prevent unauthorized access or misuse.
Yes, keyless entry systems can be programmed to grant access based on specific time frames, ideal for businesses with different operating hours.
Keyless entry systems require routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance and security, which can be provided by certified professionals.

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