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Panic bar Installation and Repair

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Panic bar Installation and Repair

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Panic bars also known as push bars or exit bars, allows people to leave the building instantly during an urgent scenario. Panic bars are a must especially in commercial places having a huge number of gatherings such as shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, and other places. A panic bar is crucial – especially if you ever encounter burglary or break-in. 

With 1st choice locksmith by your side, you can have high quality panic bar installation services. You can be rest assured once you have hired our locksmiths as we are proficient in what we do. We are highly skilled at repairing as well as installing panic bars wherever needed. 

How do panic bars work?

Our locksmith will install the panic bar onto your existing door. It functions by allowing an easy push to the release by activating a latch mechanism. You can simply unlock the door by pushing on the bar. 

Our locksmith will install the lock after evaluating the whole situation of the area – considering sensitive places as well as the areas that are easily accessible to the employees and the clients. 

Benefits of panic bar installation

  • Enhanced safety
  • Easy exit during an emergency
  • Less risk of injuries during evacuations
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Prevents unauthorized access from outside
  • Simple functionality

Following are the type of panic bars we deal with:

  • Rim-exit device
  • Vertical road exit
  • Mortise exit device
  • Touch bar exit device
  • Cross bar exit device
  • Push pad exit device

Rim-exit device

Having a horizontal bar design, the surface mounted panic bar is installed on the inside of the door. This type of panic bar is often used in commercial places such as hotels, offices, restaurants etc. it is specifically designed for easy and quick means of exit during an emergency. 1st choice locksmith offers high quality rim exit installation and repair service. Contact us today!

Vertical Rod Exit Device

Vertical rod device is also commonly used in commercial buildings. It provides security as well as stability during emergency situations. It is mounted at the bottom as well as at the top of the door. 1st choice locksmith can proficiently provide vertical rod device installation and repair services, ensuring safety and security. 

Mortise Exit Device

This is a specialized type of device installed on the door itself. It blends seamlessly with the door design. It fits well especially on the commercial areas where aesthetic appeals are crucial. 

Touch Bar Exit Device

Touch bar exit devices function by applying pressure anywhere on the surface. It offers an easy exit solution especially during emergencies. A simple touch is required to latch the door. These are commonly used in commercial services, making it effortless and smooth to exit. 

Crossbar Exit Device

Crossbar exit features a single horizontal bar that functions across the doors surface. It allows a convenient and swift emergency exit. The latch simply releases when pressure is applied to the bar. This device is easy to operate and reliable solutions for emergency situations. 


A panic bar is a device installed on exit doors, allowing quick and easy egress during emergencies, ensuring the safety of occupants in commercial spaces.
Yes, our skilled technicians can install panic bars on various door types, including wood, metal, glass, and more.
Absolutely, our panic bar installations adhere to all relevant building and fire safety codes to ensure proper compliance.
Regular maintenance is crucial. We recommend an annual inspection to ensure optimal functionality and longevity.
Yes, 1st Choice Locksmith provides expert panic bar repair services to fix any issues and restore full functionality.
Yes, we can integrate panic bars with access control systems to enhance security and monitor exit activities.
Certainly, we offer upgrades to modern panic bar solutions for improved safety and convenience.
Yes, our emergency locksmith services are available 24/7 to address any panic bar emergencies promptly.
Our skilled technicians work efficiently to minimize disruptions and complete installations with minimal impact on your business.
You can easily schedule our services by contacting us via phone or through our website, and we’ll arrange a convenient time for the installation or repair.

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