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Access control system installation and maintenance

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Access control system installation and maintenance

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Take complete control of the access to your business, customer, and employees by enhancing the security. Without having the right security system, you give an open invitation to burglars, thieves, and unauthorized access.

Contact 1st choice locksmith today for a high quality access control system and services. Our locksmiths are highly skilled and undergo weekly training that makes them carry out their tasks in a proficient as well as perfect way. 

Benefits of Access Control System

  • Convenience: With a keyless entry system, you can easily have access to your property whenever you want. It provides convenience as well as peace of mind.
  • Extra-Security: Once you have access control, you can prevent theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access to your business.
  • Better Accountability: You can have a detailed record of who has entered or at what time etc. It reduces the risk of frauds, theft as thieves can get caught too. 
  • Remote Monitoring: You can easily monitor who is accessing your property/business sitting wherever you want. It provides better control of security.

Types of Control Access system we deal with

  1. Keypad system
  2. Card access system
  3. Proximity system
  4. Biometric system
  5. Mobile access system
  6. Intercom system

Keypad System

Keypad security system allows you to access control through a PIN code. The business owner/user would need to enter a pin code in order to unlock the gate or a door. Keypad system is commonly used because of its cost-effectiveness and easy access as well. Our locksmiths specialize in installing keypad systems, so call us now.

Card Access System

The card access systems allow the users to utilize the electronic cards equipped with RIFD to grant the access. These systems are widely used in offices, houses, hostels, flats, and other areas where a big number of users need controlled access. The owners are presented with the card that they use to gain entry.

Proximity System

The Proximity access system is quite like a card access system. The only difference is that proximity systems use key-fobs or proximity cards instead of physical cards. The card reader recognizes the correct card once brought nearer to the reader, making it easier to gain access. 

Biometric System

Biometric systems use specific physical or behavioral features of individuals to gain access. Such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition and hand geometry. It provides extra level security which is impossible to duplicate for the thieves or burglars. 

Mobile Access System

Mobile access systems allow the users to install an application and control access through their smartphones. Users don’t need to take care of the physical cards and they can easily gain entry through their mobile phones. 

Intercom System

As the name suggests, this access system allows the visitor to directly communicate with the person inside the secured area. Visitors use an intercom or video intercom device to request entry, and the authorized person inside can verify their identity and remotely unlock the door if needed.

Proficient Locksmiths

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced locksmiths that are experts in their fields. Our locksmiths are equipped with all the latest tools that are required to solve all lock or access problems. Trust right – trust 1st choice locksmith!


An access control system is a security solution that regulates entry to a specific area.
We provide keypad, card, proximity, bio-metric, mobile access, and intercom systems.
Card access systems use electronic cards or key fobs to grant entry when presented to a reader.
Bio-metric systems offer high security by using unique physical traits like fingerprints or facial recognition.
Yes, we offer installation services for commercial properties.
Absolutely, our systems are scalable and can accommodate various business sizes.
Yes, we offer maintenance and support services to ensure optimal system functionality.
Yes, our access control systems can be integrated with mobile access capabilities.
Yes, our technicians are certified and highly experienced in installing and maintaining access control systems.
You can easily request a quote by contacting our team via phone or our website’s contact form.

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