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Safe installation and combination changes

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Safe installation and combination changes

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An essential element that ensures the security is safe. Your valuable items and documents can be secured with this asset. Your office needs to be protected as well from theft, fire, and other potential risks. Appropriate safe installation and combination changes are essential for maintaining top-notch security. 1st choice locksmith provides excellent safe installation and combination changes services that would keep you coming back. 

Why safe installation?

You must be wondering – why is a simple metal box so important? Well – a safe is more just than a metal box. It is used to protect your most valuable possession such as your files, documents, and other possessions. Can you really compromise on the security of your valuable items? NO! So, better to choose the right locksmith from our company than regret later. 

Assessing your safe needs:

It is crucial to identify your safe needs and security requirements before selecting the right safe. Acknowledge the items that you want to protect, their value and the level of security needed. You can choose from different types of safes such as wall safes, gun safes or floor safes. The 1st choice locksmith will determine the type of safe you need by assessing your situation.

Combination changes

Over time, the security landscape changes, and it’s essential to stay ahead of potential threats. Changing the combination of your safe periodically is an excellent practice to maintain security. 1st Choice Locksmith offers expert combination change services, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the safe.

Upgrading Old safes

If you haven’t changed the locks of safes for a long time, chances are – they need to be upgraded. They might have become worn out and need a little bit of repair. We will assess your existing safes – if any necessary upgrades are needed, we will provide you excellent services. 

24/7 lock installation service

Lockout happens right at the time when we least expect it – that’s where 1st choice locksmith swoops in. 1st choice locksmith ensures that their customer receives high quality 24/7 service in urgency. With our round-the-clock availability, we can help you in any stressful situation regardless of the weather conditions. 

Proficient Locksmiths

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced locksmiths that are experts in their fields. Our locksmiths are equipped with all the latest tools that are required to solve all lock or key related problems. Trust right – trust 1st choice locksmith!

Budget friendly service

1st choice locksmith provides effective solutions to all your lock problems along with budget friendly services. However, we do not compromise on the quality of the services we provide. We ensure customer satisfaction along with value for money. 


Fire-resistant safes for documents, burglary-resistant safes for valuables.
At least once a year for optimal security.
Yes, for both residential and commercial properties.
Yes, we can assist with safe openings.
Yes, we offer safe upgrade services.
Depends on construction, we can help you choose.
Contact us for prompt repair services
Yes, we offer regular maintenance services.
We’ll assess your needs and recommend the perfect fit.
Yes, anchoring enhances security, and we can handle it for you

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