Unlocking the Future: Best WiFi Deadbolt Smart Locks for Remote Access

When it comes to smart locks, WiFi deadbolts take center stage, offering users unparalleled remote access from anywhere in the world. These innovative locks blend traditional security with modern connectivity. Before we delve into the top picks, let’s first understand what sets WiFi deadbolts apart.

What is a WiFi Deadbolt?

A WiFi deadbolt is essentially a smart lock with WiFi connectivity, allowing users to control it remotely. Homeowners seeking to integrate a WiFi deadbolt into their smart home often prioritize security, oversight, and connectivity. While primarily used in residential settings, some WiFi deadbolts are well-suited for commercial spaces, especially WiFi-enabled keypad door locks commonly found in businesses.

Features of a WiFi Deadbolt

A WiFi deadbolt must wirelessly communicate with a router, converting and transmitting signals between the lock and the controlling smart device. Essential features include device integration capabilities, remote access, security push notifications, and robust access control measures.

Now, let’s explore some of the best WiFi deadbolt smart locks and the unique features that set them apart.

Best Choices for WiFi Deadbolt Smart Locks

1. RemoteLock 5i-B WiFi Deadbolt

The RemoteLock 5i-B stands out as a traditional WiFi deadbolt, directly connecting to your wireless router without the need for an additional bridge. Compatible with standard WiFi networks, it offers remote connectivity and robust access control features. With the ability to store up to 1000 user codes, it’s an excellent choice for homeowners, especially those who rent out their properties.


  • Direct WiFi connectivity without the need for a bridge.
  • Real-time lock history viewing and remote operation.
  • Enhanced oversight with alerts and push notifications.


  • Requires a small monthly service fee of $0.99.
  • Limited integration capabilities compared to some other smart locks.

Make 1st Choice Locksmith your top pick for seamless connectivity and robust access control.

2. August Smart Lock + August Connect

August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock has been a top contender in the smart lock market, known for its popularity and innovative features. While not a traditional WiFi deadbolt, it relies on the August Connect bridge for secondary wireless connectivity. The August Smart Lock can be installed over existing door hardware, allowing users to customize their security easily.


  • Easy installation using existing lock hardware.
  • Stylish design that blends with various styles.
  • Remote control capabilities with the August Connect.


  • Additional cost for the August Connect bridge.
  • Reported BLE connection lag.

Choose August Smart Lock for a perfect blend of style and remote control.

3. Danalock V2

Danalock V2 takes a unique approach, allowing users to configure an existing smart device as a WiFi bridge. This eliminates the need for an extra purchase, offering a cost-effective solution. With military-grade AES-256-bit encryption, Danalock prioritizes security while providing multiple wireless protocol options for user flexibility.


  • Configurable with existing smart devices as WiFi bridge.
  • Strong global smart lock encryption.
  • Easy installation similar to the August Smart Lock.


  • Less fluid opening motion compared to some smart locks.

Opt for Danalock V2 for a budget-friendly and secure WiFi deadbolt solution.

4. Lockitron Bolt + Bridge

Lockitron Bolt

Lockitron Bolt, like August Smart Lock, primarily uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for communication but can be paired with a WiFi bridge, known as Bridge, for enhanced capabilities. Notable for its affordability, Lockitron Bolt offers easy installation with minimal additions to existing hardware.


  • Affordable smart lock option.
  • Easy installation with minimal hardware changes.
  • Access to Lockitron API for programmable actions.


  • Additional cost for the Lockitron Bridge.
  • Limited integration capabilities.

Consider Lockitron Bolt for an affordable yet customizable WiFi deadbolt.

5. Schlage Sense Deadbolt + WiFi Adapter

Schlage Sense Deadbolt, backed by the trusted name of Schlage, ensures security without compromising on connectivity. With commercial Grade 1 rating and an optional security plate, it boasts high-level security features. The Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter serves as a bridge, enabling remote control and monitoring.


  • High-security features with Grade 1 rating.
  • WiFi Adapter for remote control and monitoring.
  • Free and easily accessible Schlage Sense app.


  • Additional cost for the Schlage Sense WiFi Adapter.

Make Schlage Sense Deadbolt your choice for top-notch security and WiFi connectivity.


While the above-mentioned WiFi deadbolts stand out among the options available, remember that security should always be a priority. Choose a WiFi deadbolt that not only provides seamless connectivity but also adheres to the fundamental principles of robust security. Elevate your home’s security with 1st Choice Locksmith, offering top-tier WiFi deadbolt solutions for modern homes.

Select a WiFi deadbolt that aligns with your preferences, and enjoy the convenience of remote access combined with robust security features. After all, in the world of smart locks, staying connected means staying secure.


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