Tips To Keep Your Home Safe From Criminals

Home security goes beyond the standard measures. In a world where burglaries are on the rise, it’s crucial to stay one step ahead. Explore these comprehensive tips to safeguard your home effectively and outsmart potential intruders.

1. Strategic Landscaping: Plan Plants Accordingly

Avoid providing hiding spots for burglars by steering clear of tall, thick shrubs near windows and doors. Say no to privacy fences that offer cover. By planning your landscaping wisely, you eliminate opportunities for criminals to remain undetected.

2. Illuminating Boundaries: Create an Exterior Lighting Shield

Enhance your home’s security with well-placed exterior lighting. Install motion-activated floodlights on timers, focusing on major entrances. Solar lights offer a cost-effective solution, ensuring any encroachment is immediately visible.

3. Conceal Valuables: Hide All Treasures

Keep high-value items like your car out of plain sight and within the garage. Draw blinds when away to hide valuables inside. Dispose of packaging discreetly to avoid advertising recent expensive purchases.

4. Break the Routine: Beware of Your Daily Pattern

Burglars are meticulous observers. Disrupt their plans by varying your daily routine. Communicate with neighbors about your absence, fostering a community that watches out for each other.

5. Deceptive Security Measures: A Generic Security Decal

A security system sticker may reveal more than intended. Opt for a generic security decal to keep potential burglars guessing. Avoid inadvertently providing information that could be exploited by skilled intruders.

6. Beyond Furry Friends: Dogs Should Not Be Your Only Defense

While a dog can be a deterrent, don’t solely rely on them for security. Surprisingly, a small, vocal dog can be as effective as a larger breed. However, invest in a trained guard dog if security is a top priority.

7. Reinforce Windows: Don’t Forget the Windows

Burglars target vulnerable windows. Install smash-proof windows and complement your alarm system with window break alarms for added security.

8. Misdirection Tactics: Leave Out Fake Valuables

Burglars aim for a quick grab-and-go. Confound them by leaving decoy items, like an old laptop, visible. The faster they think they’ve found something valuable, the sooner they’ll leave.

9. Create an Illusion: Fool a Burglar into Thinking Your Home

Set timers for lights near major windows and leave a TV on to simulate activity. Combine this with recorded dog barking to create the illusion of an occupied home, deterring potential intruders.

10. Eliminate Potential Weapons: Put Away Anything That Could Be a Weapon

Remove easily accessible items that could be used as weapons. In the event of a break-in, calling 911 is safer than arming yourself with objects that could be turned against you.

11. Double Down on Door Security: Install Double Cylinder Deadbolt

Fortify entry points with a double cylinder deadbolt and metal reinforcing plates. Prevent opportunistic break-ins by securing back and side doors. Ensure your air conditioning unit is secure to avoid another common entry point.

12. Empower Yourself: Seek Education and Training on Self-Defense

Equip yourself with self-defense knowledge. Burglars are unprepared for unexpected challenges, and the element of surprise can be a powerful deterrent.


Elevate your home security with these expert tips. From strategic landscaping to high-tech solutions, stay steps ahead of potential intruders. Partner with 1st Choice Locksmith for cutting-edge insights and solutions to fortify your home against criminal threats.


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