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The process of changing the internal pins and tumbler of lock cylinder, and rendering the old key ineffective.
Changing the key that operate your locks without having to replace your hardware is a big benefit of rekeying locks
It doesn’t typically take more than 20 minutes to re-key locks.
Yes. Most residential keys can be re-keyed – its better to consult with your locksmith in this regard.
Professional locksmith do not really need to have an original key when it comes to rekeying.
Lock rekeying offers the same level of security as lock replacement. The old key is rendered ineffectual by replacing the internal pins, allowing only the new key to operate the lock.
We strongly advise you to not try any armature methods and let a professional handle the situation.
Yes. A professional locksmith can help you rekey all the locks, making it even more easier for you to access.
Absolutely. Lock rekeying saves you from purchasing all the unnecessary hardware.
Yes. As per your request, a locksmith can provide an extra copy of your key after the completion of the process.

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Lock Rekeying

If you have locked out yourself out of the house, misplaced them or no longer want your relatives to have the spare keys – you’ve come to the right place.

Are you in need of restoring your security without having to change your lock? Choose the best service today! We can rekey your locks for a fraction of the cost of having them replaced. Our experts are Rekeying a lock entails replacing the pin combination inside the lock’s cylinder. Each lock has a unique key that opens it, and the cuts on that key correspond to pins inside the cylinder. When we replace the existing pins with alternative sized pins, none of the previous keys work anymore. Only the new keys that correspond to the new pins will function. This is significantly less expensive than changing the hardware to help you with home, vehicle, and workplace solutions at very low rekey service charges.

What it lock rekeying?

Rekeying locks is one of our core services. We don’t replace the entire door hardware when we rekey a lock; instead, we efficiently alter the lock so that a new key may be used while keeping the present hardware.

Rekeying a lock entails replacing the pin combination inside the lock’s cylinder. Each lock has a unique key that opens it, and the cuts on that key correspond to pins inside the cylinder. When we replace the existing pins with alternative sized pins, none of the previous keys work anymore. Only the new keys that correspond to the new pins will function. This is significantly less expensive than changing the hardware.


Benefits of lock rekeying

  • It’s a lot less expensive than replacing a lock. Instead of acquiring new locks, simply replace a few pins.
  • You’ll be able to keep your locks. Keeping your locks is advantageous not just because it is a much less expensive alternative, but it is also advantageous because your locks most likely match your home. If you need to change your locks, there is a chance that there will be no suitable replacements that match the style of your home.
  • You can configure them however you wish. You may also make all of the locks function with one of your existing keys. Lock rekeying will make it easier for you.


Why do I need to re-key my lock?

Essentially, it is recommended that you contemplate lock rekeying once the keys have been out of your control for an extended period of time. Remember that it only takes 30 minutes for someone to make as many copies of your key as they like, and a “do not copy” warning usually does not deter them. The more persons who have previously had access to your key, the more you should consider a rekeying service.

Here are the reasons why you need to re-key your locks:

• You have an ex who has left.

• You have fired a babysitter.

• You misplaced a set of keys.

• Your purse, which included a duplicate of your keys, was taken.

• You hired a contractor and provided them a duplicate key.

• You had a tenant evicted.

Lock Rekeying or Replacement, what’s better?

Individual demands, budget limits, and expectations all play a role in deciding between lock rekeying and lock replacement. People frequently choose lock replacement without realising that rekeying is a faster, less expensive, and less stressful option. However, there are times when a lock change is required, especially when dealing with badly broken or worn-out locks, including antiques.

You can keep your present locks by using professional rekeying services, protecting the aesthetics and curb appeal of your home. Furthermore, rekeying saves you money and time when compared to a total lock replacement. If you need professional advice on how to choose amongst these services, please contact us, and our experts will gladly assist you.

House Re-Key

Contact us immediately to set up an appointment for our professional house rekeying service. Our expert locksmith technicians are always prepared with their tools and equipment, ensuring rapid and effective service. Upon arrival, our professionals will check the quality of your door lock and offer you with an estimated completion time.

House lock rekeying is a specialised procedure best undertaken by a professional locksmith. The procedure entails removing the lock cylinder from the lock and replacing the pins inside the cylinder. These new pins are designed to accommodate a new key while rendering the old key ineffective. The cylinder is returned into the lock once it has been rebuilt.

If you have the original key, the rekeying process will be much faster. Even if the key is lost, our specialists will perform the rekeying process quickly. You may be confident that your home rekeying will not take long. Soon, you’ll have a whole new key to your home’s locks, providing you with peace of mind and security in no time!

Rekeying a deadbolt

We take pleasure in our quick deadbolt lock rekeying service, which can be accomplished in under 20 minutes depending on the lock model and cylinder complexity. Single-cylinder deadbolts with a key slot on one side and a turning mechanism or doorknob on the other often require less time to rekey.

To rekey a deadbolt lock, our locksmiths gain access to the lock cylinder using either the original key or lock picking techniques if the key is unavailable. The old pins within the cylinder are then removed, and new pins to correspond with the new key are added. After reassembling the cylinder, it is fitted back into the lock and is ready for use.

Our skilled locksmiths ensure a quick and competent rekeying process, so you can get your deadbolt lock rekeyed quickly and effectively.

Doorknob Rekeying

Rekeying doorknobs is a similar process that can be accomplished in 10 to 20 minutes. The length of time may differ depending on factors such as the ability to use the original key during the rekeying procedure.

When rekeying a doorknob, our professional technicians gain access to the lock cylinder, either using the original key or, if necessary, using lock picking techniques. The cylinder’s old pins are then changed with new pins that match to the desired key.

Additionally, upon request, our locksmiths can supply duplicates of the newly rekeyed key, ensuring you have several copies for convenience and accessibility. Our goal is to provide efficient and thorough doorknob rekeying services, allowing you to have a secure and customised locking system in a timely manner.


Cylinder lock re-key

Our skilled locksmiths follow a specific technique when rekeying a cylinder lock to ensure correct handling and to avoid damage to the lock mechanism. The following are the general steps:

1. Remove the C-clip: The locksmith will carefully remove the C-clip that holds the cylinder in place, allowing the cylinder to be removed.

2. Remove the key plug: The locksmith will use a follower tube to force the key plug out of its housing. During this phase, the key will be placed into the lock and fastened to the back of the cylinder.

3. Turn the key (if necessary): Depending on the model of the cylinder lock, the key may need to be twisted 45 degrees before the cylinder plug may be pushed out. This action holds the springs and pins in place and keeps the plug follower inside the housing.

To guarantee that the lock mechanism is handled appropriately, it is critical to entrust the rekeying operation to a skilled locksmith. This reduces the danger of damage and guarantees that the lock operates smoothly after the rekeying is finished. Our locksmiths have the knowledge and experience to carry out these processes correctly and efficiently.

Patio Doors and Window Locks

We prioritise your home security at 1st Choice Locksmith. We provide sliding patio door bolts and Charlie bars to improve the security of your patio doors and prevent unauthorised intrusion. In addition, we offer patio door lock repair and replacement, as well as keyed window lock installation. You can be confident that your patio doors and windows are secure, deterring burglars and providing you with piece of mind with our solutions.

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