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If your lock is not functioning properly, chances are your lock has been damaged and needs to be repaired.
Dirt, debris, and rust causes the mailbox to jam, preventing the key to function smoothly.
Yes. Our locksmiths can assess the mailbox and repair if needed.
If you have moved to a new house – you should rekey your mailbox to enhance your security.
We strongly advise you to not try any methods that can damage the mailbox even more. Leave it up to the experts
The time for mailbox installation varies – but our locksmiths are very time efficient and provide quick services.
Yes. It is recommended that you use a new key for a new mailbox to enhance safety.
You should lubricate your mailbox at-least twice every 6 months to make it work seamlessly.
To ensure compatibility and security, consult a locksmith for the right lock type and installation
Yes, our locksmiths are fully licensed and insured to provide professional mailbox services.

Table of Contents

Mailbox lock Replacement

Welcome to 1st choice locksmith – your ultimate destination for all your lock and key problems. If you are facing issues with a faulty or damaged lock and the security of your lock is being compromised – chances, are you need to get your mailbox replaced. Well, searching for a reliable locksmith is quite a task. Well, do not worry! We have got you covered.

1st choice locksmith, with years of experience in the field, is committed to provide the best to our clients. If you are a home owner or a business owner, our professionals deliver prompt assistance whenever called upon. Don’t compromise any further on the safety of your mailbox – contact us now!

Replacing Locks

We specialize in providing high quality mailbox lock replacement services promising the security of valuable packages and mails. If your lock is faulty, damaged or compromised in any way – just trust 1st choice locksmith and get top-notch services by us. We understand the safety and privacy of your mailbox so we will provide you with the best services.

Mailbox lock installation

Precision and quality matters the most when it comes to installing a new mailbox lock. Our workers are skilled and can install a new lock with accuracy and diligence. Then, they will check the functionality of the lock, ensuring that they are working as desired.

Jammed Mailbox lock

A jammed mail box could be hard to deal, making it difficult for you to access it. Well-you do not need to worry. Our workers are adept at tackling the jammed mailbox. Removing a key from the mailbox can be really challenging, and often the key gets broken into the lock. When the half key is stuck in the mailbox, do not try to remove it on your own – call a professional locksmith and let him do the job.

Mailbox lock repair

A damaged mailbox can make your mails easily accessible to thieves or burglars. Our locksmiths are equipped with latest tools that can repair your lock and make it as good as new. You can count on our locksmiths as they can identify the problem of your lock right away and provide excellent repair services, ensuring the smooth functionality of your lock.

Residential Mailbox lock solution

Keep your residential mailbox safe and secure with our effective and strategic solution for all your lock problems. If you are seeking advanced security, our locksmiths can really help you with that. Whether its lock re-keying, installation or repair, we have solution for everything.

Mailbox lock rekey or duplication

Our locksmiths ensure to bolster up your mailbox safety, providing budget friendly lock rekey or key duplication services. If you have moved to a new residence, lost your mailbox key, our locksmith can cut a new key for you right on the spot. Getting a duplicate key for your mailbox ensures that you have a spare key in the times of emergency.

24/7 lock installation service

Mailbox lockout can happen right at the time when we least expect it – that’s where 1st choice locksmith swoops in. 1st choice locksmith ensures that their customer receive high quality 24/7 service in urgency. With our round-the-clock availability, we can help you in any stressful situation regardless of the weather conditions.

Proficient Locksmiths

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced locksmiths that are experts in their fields. Our locksmiths are equipped with all the latest tools that are required to solve all lock or key related problems. Trust right – trust 1st choice locksmith!

Precautionary Measures

  • Lubricate the lock regularly to ensure smooth functioning
  • Avoid force while turning the key
  • Keep the mailbox area clean of any debris
  • Install a weather-proof shelter or cover on the mailbox
  • Always keep spare keys with you

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