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We specialise is variety of locks including keyless entry system, high security locks, and deadbolts.
Yes we are certified and insured locksmiths committed to provide extraordinary services to all our customers.
Yes we offer 24/7 locksmith services. You can contact us in any emergency situations we will reach there in no time.
Yes we offer our services for residential, commercial, and automotive
Our technicians are always working around the clock so we response right away to all your calls and messages.
Yes. We guarantee satisfaction to all our lock installation and repair services.
Upgrading locks guarantee extra safety If done by a professional locksmith and that’s what our locksmiths are. Extra professional and skilled.
Yes our locksmith have all the latest tools and technology that help me in enhancing the security with better advancement.
Yes we provide cheap and pocket-friendly lock installation services.
Installing a new lock doesn’t take longer than an hour, however, repairing varies on the complexity of the situation.

Table of Contents

Lock Installation and Repair

Upgrade your home security system and enhance your safety from potential thieves by availing excellent services from 1st Choice Locksmith. An investment in your security is going to pay you well and save you from all the burglars out there and extraordinary convenience. If you are looking for pocket-friendly lock installation and repair services, we have got you. We offer a wide range of lock installation including electronic and smart locks as well.

Why do I need a new lock?

Your locks are dated, worn out, or harmed:

The integrity and efficiency of any lock can be significantly impacted by wear and tear. Locks need to be updated in this situation.

You cant compromise on your safety:

Your security has recently been compromised as a result of a break-in or attempted break-in. To recover control of your home, install new locks in place of the ones you now have.

Enhanced Security:

You need effective, high-quality locks on your doors to protect your property against the possibility of intrusion or break-in. Changing locks is a great option if your current ones are dated and unable to withstand contemporary threats.

Keys got stolen:

Lock replacement is a wise, proactive move for increased protection because it may have been possible for your keys to fall into the hands of someone with ill intentions.

You locked yourself out:

Consider installing smart locks if you frequently lock yourself out or frequently misplace your keys. Without using a key, you can have more ease and control over your security.

Bought a new house:

Get new locks installed before moving into a freshly purchased home by getting in touch with a lock changing provider. Reduce the possibility that past owners may still have spare keys to your house.

You underwent a divorce or separation:

After a breakup, change your home’s locks to regain your sense of security and peace of mind. In the case of a home owned jointly with your partner, make sure you have consent from your spouse, or obtain a special judicial Order.

Lock operation difficulty:

Consider our smart lock installation service near me if you require locks made for persons with disabilities so you can easily insert and turn the key into the lock.

New workplace transfer:

Ensure that only you and your staff have access to the office.

You’re remodelling your room:

Why not replace locks if you’re already planning to install new doors to match the updated aesthetic? Your security will be improved while functionality and performance are maximised.

Home lock installation

We offer the best lock changing services to meet your precise requirements for home and office security, style, and price range. Measuring the area where the new lock will be installed is the first step in the new lock installation process. To ensure that the new lock will fit precisely, this is necessary. All steps are essential because there are no locks that are one size fits all. We then remove the inside door knob, pull it apart, insert the replacement knob into the door opening, and screw the replacement knobs back into the door. With the same level of professionalism, we install electronic and smart locks, deadbolt and doorknob locks, and knob latch bolt locks.

Types of lock installation services we provide

High Tech Locks:

The development of lock technology in recent years has given rise to locks that are exponentially more sophisticated. High-tech lock substitutes not only strengthen the safety of your home, cars, or workplace spaces but also improve convenience. We have the resources to assist you in replacing your outdated security system with a modern system that includes cutting-edge locks like:

Key cards Keypads

Fingerprint access biometric locks

App-compatible locks for mobile devices

Electronic door locks and smart locks provide additional layers of convenience above conventional locks, allowing you to control not only who has access to your home or place of business, but also how long they are allowed to stay. If you’re looking for inexpensive electronic door lock installation nearby contact 1st Choice Locksmith today!

Mortise Lock:

Deadbolts are similar to these locks. However, because a key is needed to unlock the door from both sides, they offer a distinct level of security. Mortise deadlocks frequently make use of more robust door and frame locking systems. They therefore have a longer lifespan than a typical deadbolt.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolts are a common feature of most homes. Since they bolt the door to the wall, they add an additional layer of security compared to locks that are integrated directly into the knobs. A key or specific thumb turn is used to release the bolt. The lack of springs improves the level of security these locks provide. The ideal doors for installing deadbolt locks are those composed of steel, solid wood, or fibreglass. We are experts in installing single-cylinder and double-cylinder deadbolts that can be opened with keys on either one side or both of the door.


Emergency lock installation or repair services

With the aid of 1st choice locksmith, quickly and expertly secure your property. Customers may depend on our seasoned emergency locksmith when you need us the most for everything from front door lock replacement to repairs on patio doors and windows.

If your property is broken into, our emergency locksmith service will make sure that our customers’ homes and businesses are swiftly secured.


Quick Response for Lock Installation

We respond to all calls immediately and dispatch a technician to your location. The majority of our professionals arrive at the client’s location in 15 to 25 minutes thanks to our rapid response time. You can expect our customer service representative to give you an exact time frame for the service during the call so you’ll know when to anticipate the technician helping you.

24/7 lock installation and repair

You must feel secure in your own home. You must feel confident in your safeguards and ensure the safety of your family and possessions. Many different types of home locks are installed and repaired as part of our locksmith services. Our product supply is sourced from reliable companies and well-known names. We are available for any urgent needs for extra keys, new locks, or maintenance services.

1St Choice Locksmith, your best choice

The finest company to contact is 1st Choice Locksmith! Do your doors slam shut or stick sometimes? Do the weather’s ravages on your doors over time? Or, after renovations, does your old door no longer match your home? 1st Choice Locksmiths is the top door repair service and locksmith services provider for any front door installations, replacements, repairs, lock changes, lock repairs, and lock installations. Doors for homes or businesses.

Why us?

You can rely on us for all residential locksmith services, whether you need one for a home, an apartment or a condo. If you’ve just moved into a new home and want the assurance that all the keys are in their proper places, we can source and install new door locks or rekey your current locks.

Not only can we fix broken locks on your doors, but we can also fix broken locks on your car, safe, vault, windows, furniture, and other storage spaces inside your house. Our team has no trouble opening locks that are old or vintage.

Want to increase your degree of home security? We can install a high-tech, user-friendly keyless or electronic entry system for you.

Precautionary Measures

• Invest in new locks. It’s time to use our professional lock changing services if you can’t recall the last time you replaced the locks on your house. We can provide you cost-effective installation options for regular or keyless door locks as well as free security assessments and top solutions.

• Make sure your windows are locked. Install window bars and reinforce your windows with small-keyed locks.

• Fix a security screen to the entranceway. With more locks, you will have a second barrier that should dissuade most neighbourhood robbers.

• Lengthen the set screws. Your front door’s set screws can be lengthened, which should immediately improve house security. Replace the 34 inch set screws with 3-inch screws. The door is likely to shatter if someone tries to kick it in, keeping them from getting inside.

• Install more security equipment. Choose coverings that can reach the jam and hide exposed or weak bolts if possible. To view what is happening on the other side of the door, install chain locks and spend money on security cameras, electronic locks, or smart doorbells.


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