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It doesn’t usually take more than 10 to 15 minutes.
Yes. Our technicians are skilled enough to duplicate any type of key such as security keys, standard keys or skeleton keys.
Yes it is necessary to provide an original key for enhanced security and compatibility.
Yes. A locksmith is well equipped with all the latest technology and hardware and can deal with all the key complexities.
Yes. If you hire a professional locksmith, your process will be highly secured and confidential.
We provide high quality affordable and cheap services that are reliable. Contact us for further details.
Yes. It can easily be duplicated, however if the situation is more complex, you might need to replace the keys.
Yes. We can duplicate keys for antique locks as well.
Yes, locksmiths with the requisite technology may replicate keys that contain electronic or transponder chips, which are commonly used in modern security systems.

Table of Contents

Key Duplication

Are you in search of a reliable, affordable, and effective key duplication service ? Well, your search ends here.

It has been years since we have been helping out homes, businesses and car owners to solve all their key problems. From installing locks, to copying keys right on the spot and provide our customers with excellent services.

Put our years of experience to use and let us make a copy of your key. Give us a call and find out for yourself why so many customers trust us when they are in search for a residential locksmith.

Why do I need key duplication?

If you are a car or a home owner, there is no question of “if” you need a spare key, it all comes down to this “when” do you need key duplication services. There is more to key duplication than just cutting a piece of steel. Hiring us means you get years of experience and in-depth knowledge combined with latest tools and practices.

1. Emergency Access: Having a spare key gives you a fallback option in the event that you become locked out of your house, place of business, or car.

2. Convenience: If you have an additional key, you can avoid depending on others or paying for locksmith services when you get locked out.

3. Peace of Mind: Feeling secure when you have a spare key, especially when travelling or in strange settings, is a great feeling.

4. Loss or Misplacement: Keys are easily lost or misplaced. Having an extra key guarantees that you can still enter your home without changing the locks or going through the inconvenience of rekeying.

5. Multiple Users: Having a spare key enables you to share your house or workplace with family members, roommates, or employees.

6. Temporary Access: A extra key comes in handy when you need to give trusted people, such housekeepers, pet sitters, or visitors, access for a little period of time.

7. Cost-Effective: Making a spare key is typically less expensive than replacing a lock system entirely.

8. Emergency cases: Having a backup key can help emergency personnel get access more quickly in cases like fires or medical problems.

9. Rental Properties: If you own rental properties, having a backup key makes tenant turnovers easier and guarantees that you can quickly provide new tenants their keys.

10. Peaceful Sleep: Having a backup key stored safely can help allay fears of misplacing or losing your primary key and promote peaceful sleep.

Why do I need to hire a professional locksmith?

More than just duplicating keys are available from professional key duplication services. They offer tips and guidance on security from professionals. Locksmiths may evaluate your current locks, recommend modifications where needed, and offer further security recommendations based on their extensive understanding of various lock types and key systems to improve the overall safety of your residential property.

By using a professional locksmith, you can prevent potential blunders that could result from DIY endeavours or depending on hardware stores for key duplication. You can also ensure time and cost efficiency. Their knowledge, combined with the use of premium materials, ensures durable duplicate keys that resist frequent use. Entrusting the task to experts when it comes to key duplication not only gives you peace of mind but also guarantees the dependability and accuracy of your duplicate key.

Importance of key duplication

Accuracy, dependability, and security of duplicate keys are critically dependent on expert key duplication services. Using premium materials and specialised machinery, locksmiths can produce precise key copies thanks to their precision and experience. No matter how complicated the key type is, a precise fit and smooth functioning are guaranteed by this degree of craftsmanship. Professional locksmiths have the knowledge and abilities to precisely duplicate keys while preserving the integrity of the original key’s security characteristics, whether it’s a conventional key or an advanced electronic key. Professional locksmiths are important in emergencies because they can quickly duplicate keys to give you access to your property right away. You may save time and effort while getting specialised solutions that are catered to your unique demands by choosing professional services.

How does key duplication works; The Process

To precisely duplicate a copy of an existing key, the key duplication process entails numerous phases. An outline of key duplicates is provided below:

Initial Evaluation: A skilled locksmith first determines the type, profile, and any security features on the original key. They gain a better understanding of the key’s difficulty and the proper duplicating technique thanks to this examination.

Key Cutting: The locksmith creates the duplicate key using specialised key-cutting tools, such as key mills or key duplication machines. The machine is calibrated using the unique profile of the key to make sure the new key matches the original.

Tracing or Code Cutting: The locksmith may choose to cut the duplicate key using one of two popular techniques, depending on the type of keys. For conventional keys, they might replicate the grooves of the original key accurately by tracing them onto a blank key. Alternately, the locksmith may employ a code-cutting technique for some key types, such as laser-cut or dimple keys, in which they enter the key’s special code into a computerised device that exactly cuts the key based on the code.

Finishing and Testing: The locksmith may apply further finishing touches once the duplicate key is cut, such as debarring or filing any protruding edges, to guarantee a smooth and functional key. They then check the functioning, smooth locking and unlocking, and user-friendliness of the duplicate key in the appropriate lock.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the essential replication procedure could change Depending on the kind of key, the tools the locksmith is using, and any other security measures in place.

Professional locksmiths, on the other hand, have the knowledge and resources necessary to precisely replicate keys while preserving their usability and security characteristics.


Key duplication or Lock replacement, what’s better?

You may have to choose between key duplication and lock replacement when you require a fresh set of keys or more security. Making an informed choice based on your own needs might be made easier if you are aware of the advantages and differences of each option. To help you select the best choice, the following comparison of lock replacement and key duplication is provided:

Key Duplication:

1. Cost-Effective: Duplicating keys is typically less expensive than changing an entire lock system. It entails making duplicates of the current keys, which may be completed rapidly and for a reasonable price.

2. Convenience: Key duplication is a practical solution if all you need are extra copies of the keys or backup keys. You can use it to possess numerous keys for the same lock.

3. Maintaining present Security: Key duplication keeps your locks’ locks at their present state of security. If you’re happy with the dependability and functioning of your current lock, making duplicate keys ensures that you can grant access to reliable people while maintaining the same level of protection.

Lock Replacement:

1.Enhanced Security: Lock replacement offers the chance to increase your security if you’re concerned about security being compromised due to lost or stolen keys, or if your locks are old or damaged. Modern locks frequently have sophisticated features like anti-pick pins, bump-proof mechanisms, or smart lock technology, which offer better security against unauthorised entry.

2. Total Control: Changing your locks offers you total authority over who has access to your home. Replace the locks to ensure that you are the only person with keys, increasing security and peace of mind if you’re unsure of how many copies of your keys are in use or if you’ve just moved into a new home.

3. Integration with Keyless Entry Systems: Lock replacement is required if you want to switch to a keyless entry system or electronic locks. With this choice, you may incorporate sophisticated access control systems that offer convenience and extra security features.

The decision between key duplication and lock replacement ultimately comes down to your individual priorities and circumstances. Key duplication is a good option if you need more keys or want to keep the security as it is. However, if you want to increase security, take back control – go for lock replacement.

Avoiding Common Mistakes: Tips for key duplication

To prevent problems or hassles, it’s crucial to ensure accuracy and dependability when duplicating keys. Here are some pointers to assist you steer clear of typical blunders and accomplish successful key duplication:

Select an Honest Locksmith: Hire a dependable, knowledgeable locksmith with experience in key duplicating. To be sure you’re hiring someone who knows the nuances of key duplication, look for certificates, good ratings, and recommendations.

Provide the Original Key: Always provide the locksmith the original key when asking for a duplicate key. The initial key acts as a guide for precise replication. Avoid utilising duplicates of duplicates since the accuracy and quality can deteriorate with time.

Express Particular Requirements: if the primary key has Be sure to make the locksmith aware of any special requirements, such as security pins, transponders, or electrical components. Specialised key types could need extra procedures or tools for accurate copying.

Use Top-Notch Blanks: Check that the locksmith only makes duplicate keys from top-notch blanks. Quality blanks are less likely to deteriorate over time, producing lasting duplicate keys that fit your locks without difficulty.

Verify the Duplicate Key: To ensure appropriate operation, verify the duplicate key in the relevant lock before leaving the locksmith. Make sure the key operates the lock without any resistance or jamming as it is inserted, turned, and locked or unlocked.

Check Fit and Function: After getting the duplicate key, make sure it fits securely and works without a hitch. Pay close attention to any indications of misalignment, jagged edges, or trouble turning the key as these could point to errors in the duplication process.

Track Duplicate Keys: Keep track of all the duplicate keys you’ve ordered. They should have suitable labels and be kept safely in a designated location. By doing this, you can keep track of the keys and make sure you can get to them when you need to.

Take into account rekeying or lock replacement: To ensure maximum security, it may be prudent to take into account rekeying or lock replacement if you’ve had many key duplications performed on the same lock over time or if you’re unsure of the security of your locks.

Key Duplication on the spot

You never have to come to us to get a key copy because our mobile locksmith service is available around-the-clock. Wherever you are, our key replacement specialists will always come to you. No matter what kind of key duplication service you need, every one of our locksmiths for keys is fully outfitted with all the required key blanks and key copy tools to produce new keys for you. In addition to providing on-the-spot key replacements, we also offer our services every day of the year, 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Contact our locksmith service today to have your key replicated!

Emergency Services

As a reputable provider of emergency locksmith services, 1st Choice Locksmith guarantees quick response times and trustworthy support in time of need. We are accessible round-the-clock to handle emergency lockouts, lost keys, or any other urgent locksmith needs thanks to our devoted team of expert locksmiths. Rapid response times are crucial, whether it’s a home, commercial, or automotive emergency. 1st Choice Locksmith is aware of this. In order to quickly handle lock-related emergencies, we put a priority on client happiness and strive to offer effective solutions. With our wealth of knowledge and dedication to professionalism, 1st Choice Locksmith has made a name for themselves as a trustworthy provider of emergency locksmith services, providing comfort and support just when it’s needed the most.

Precautionary Measures

1. Keep Your Keys Safe: Keep your keys safe and avoid leaving them unattended or in easily accessible places. When lending your keys to others, be sure they are trustworthy people.

2. Invest in High-Security Locks: Invest in high-security locks with features such as restricted keyways or patented key systems. These specialised locks make it more difficult for unauthorised people to replicate keys.

3. Control Key Copies Distribution: Control the distribution of key copies by keeping track of who has access to them. Consider establishing key control procedures to monitor and limit key duplication, such as demanding written authorisation or employing key control software.

4. Rekey or Replace Locks: If you suspect unauthorised key duplication or have misplaced a key, consider rekeying or replacing the locks changing them completely. Only the new set of keys will operate with your locks, preventing unauthorised access.

5. Inspect Locks and Keys on a Regular Basis: Inspect your locks and keys on a regular basis for signs of tampering or wear. If you observe any anomalies or damage, contact a professional locksmith immediately to assess and resolve the issue, reducing the danger of unauthorised key duplication.



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