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A deadbolt is lock that helps in enhancing the security of your house. It prevents from unauthorized access and break-ins.
We strongly advise you to not try any wrong methods and rather hire a locksmith for your deadbolt installation services.
It does not take longer than an hour to install a deadbolt.
Your locksmith can guide you better when it comes to selecting the type of deadbolt.
Yes, we have a range of deadbolt that are available such as single, double or keyless entry system.
Yes. Deadbolts can be installed on all types of doors however, some of the doors may require custom solutions.
Yes. Deadbolts really prevent intrusion and break-ins.
Keyless deadbolts offer a convenient access without requiring you to have keys.
Our locksmiths can re-key your new deadbolt to match your new keys.
Yes. A reputable company like 1st choice locksmith offer round-the-clock 24/7 services regardless of any weather conditions.

Table of Contents

Deadbolt Installation

A deadbolt is special type of lock that ensures that adds an extra layer of security by offering top-notch resistance to force entries against thieves and burglars. It is especially designed that gives high level strength to the door and provide superior resistance against unauthorized access. As compared to standard locks, deadbolts work well when it comes to the safety and security. A professional locksmith will fit a sturdy, heavy duty lock on the door, making it difficult for the burglars to break-in.

1st Choice Locksmith is the best choice when it comes to deadbolt installation. We take pride in our customers satisfaction resulted from our workers professionalism. Our technicians are fully equipped with high quality technology and tools, ensuring effectiveness and precision. We offer comprehensive deadbolt installation services, specially tailored to fulfill your needs.

Why do I install a deadbolt?

A deadbolt is a type of lock that plays a key role in ensuring the safety of your house. Because of enhanced mechanism and robust construction, deadbolts are a great option for enhanced security and protection. Designed with extra force and strength, making it highly difficult for the thieves to barge in.

As professionals, we acknowledge the paramount significance of securing your house. Our technicians undergo a regular training and have become experts enough in deadbolt installation that your doors will be fortified against potential threats. With our extensive experience in deadbolt installation, you get efficient services as well as overall safety.

Deadbolt Installation; Optimal security

Deadbolt installation sounds like a piece of cake but it is actually very important to have it installed by skilled professional. Having it installed improperly can render an effective deadbolt that and make you compromise overall safety of your property.

Our locksmiths possess the necessary expertise that are required install a deadbolt in a correct way. Specialized tools and techniques are used to ensure the seamless functionality of the deadbolt, ensuring the protection against potential burglars and thieves.

Understanding Deadbolt Locks; Types and Features

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with deadbolts before getting a service by a locksmith. Deadbolts come in multiple styles such as keyless entries, double-cylinder, single cylinder and more. Single cylinder deadbolts feature a key-hole on one side and turn on other side with a thumb. Double-cylinder needs a key to unlock from both the sides.

We provide various types of locks depending upon the preferences of the security needs. Through our services, you get safety as well as security guaranteed. Our locksmiths are experts in what they do and can guide you the type of deadbolt, suitable for your door. We will provide you all the information so that you can make an informed decision.

Steps and Considerations for deadbolt installation

The process of deadbolt installation involves a series of meticulous steps to ensure the reliability of the lock. Firstly, our locksmith will thoroughly assess your door to detect potential faults. Once our locksmith has identified the problem, a suitable type of deadbolt is chosen. Then, precise points for drilling the hole will be picked. After the completion of drill, the deadbolt will be inserted into the door. Lastly, the deadbolt is tested to check the performance of the lock.

Why hire a locksmith for deadbolt installation

There are numerous advantages for hiring a locksmith for deadbolt installation. Locksmiths have extensive years of experience and knowledge for different types of deadbolts and they can choose well for what sort of lock you need. They can give you insights regarding latest tools and cutting-edge technology available out there, so you have access to every crucial part. Professional locksmiths can tackle any challenge that may arise during the installation process.

Deadbolt installation for residential properties

Deadbolt is a lock that is ranked best when it comes to security and safety of homes. Thieves and burglars usually make residential properties a target and deteriorating your door’s security. Deadbolts play a crucial role in reducing the risk of break-in and intruding. Invest in deadbolts and take an initiative for your loved one’s security.

Deadbolt installation for commercial properties

Add an extra layer of security to your doors, office and storages by choosing deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks are strengthened enough and promise to give a next level protection against vandalism and theft. By investing into this lock, you are choosing peace of mind as well as confidence for your employees.

Factors to consider while choosing deadbolts

There are many important factors that you must consider while choosing a deadbolt such as the type of the deadbolt, the thickness and material, level of the security provided. Also consider the grade while choosing the deadbolt. There are 3 grades when it comes to scaling the deadbolt. Make an informed choice by hiring a locksmith from our company that guarantees effective services.

24/7 deadbolt installation

1st choice locksmith know that emergencies can arise at any time there is no wait. We provide services 24/7 to our customer regardless of the weather conditions. Fortify your property by choosing a reliable lock such as deadbolt and a reliable locksmith. Whether you need to upgrade your security or you have experienced a thief intrusion, we are always working round the clock and reach immediately to your destination whenever our services are needed.

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