Incorporating the Right Locks: A Comprehensive Guide to Lock Installation

Have you ever found yourself questioning the effectiveness of your lock, wondering if there’s a better choice out there? It turns out, there’s more to lock installation than just putting it in place. You could be using the wrong type of lock for your doors, cabinets, or sheds without even realizing it. In this guide, we’ll explore common mistakes and provide dos and don’ts to ensure your lock installation is foolproof.

Double-sided Deadbolts: Choosing Security Wisely


Glass Doors

Glass doors demand double-sided deadbolts. Their design prevents burglars from smashing the glass and manipulating the lock from the inside.

Close Windows

For doors with adjacent windows, opt for double-sided deadbolts to prevent criminals from assessing your security measures easily.


Emergency Exits

Avoid using double-sided deadbolts on doors designated as emergency exits. Accessibility in emergencies should never be compromised.

Padlocks: Mobility and Security in Motion



Secure padlocks with sturdy hasps to ensure they’re not easier to break than the lock itself. Ideal for gates, cabinets, and similar areas.


Use padlocks for gates, providing security and practicality, especially for thin or perforated gates.



Avoid placing padlocks on doors with only one-sided access. This poses a hazard, trapping occupants with no way to unlock the door from the inside.

Shielded Gates

If a gate’s padlock can’t be accessed from both sides, ensure it’s only accessible from the secure side to avoid potential hazards.

Keyed Knobs: Adding Versatility to Security


Exterior Doors

Keyed knobs are perfect for front doors, adding an extra layer of security to your perimeter.

Interior Security

Install keyed knobs for rooms that need extra security when you’re away, providing a locked-off space.


Keyway Orientation

Ensure the keyway faces the direction of access control. For front doors, never place the actuator outside the home.

No Deadbolt

Avoid installing keyed knobs without deadbolts on exterior doors to enhance overall security.

Privacy Locks: Balancing Privacy and Accessibility



Install privacy locks in bathrooms for privacy without compromising emergency accessibility.


Ideal for bedrooms, privacy locks convey your preference for uninterrupted privacy.

Hollow Core Doors

Pair privacy locks with non-security hollow core doors, offering privacy without requiring high-security locks.



Recognize that privacy locks are not designed for security. They signal a desire for privacy rather than protection.

Exterior Doors

Reserve privacy locks for interior use only, as they lack the security features needed for exterior doors.

Latches: Understanding Purpose and Placement



Latches are excellent for gate security, especially when paired with a padlock.


While not the most secure option, latches on windows provide a basic level of security.

Cabinets & Glass Cases

Use latches for cabinets and glass cases, preventing spills and keeping contents secure.

Access Panels

Ideal for industrial purposes, access panel latches offer easy access while ensuring security when needed.

Animal Pens

Effective at containing animals, place latches higher up on pens to enhance security.


High Traffic

Avoid using latch locks in high-traffic areas, as they provide minimal security and are not designed for constant use.

Singular Security

Don’t rely on latch locks alone for exterior doors; pair them with more secure locks for comprehensive protection.

Two Way Access

If a latch is accessible from both sides, use a padlock to prevent unauthorized access.

Conclusion: Lock Installation Made Easy

Installing locks might seem straightforward, but choosing the right one is crucial. Armed with this comprehensive guide, you’ll make informed decisions for your security needs. Whether it’s double-sided deadbolts, padlocks, keyed knobs, privacy locks, or latches, incorporating the right locks ensures peace of mind. For professional assistance, consider reaching out to 1st Choice Locksmith to make your lock installation a breeze. Remember, your security starts with the right locks!


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