How To Change A Door Knob: Professional Insights And Processes

Changing a door knob might seem like a straightforward task, but understanding the process and considering key factors can enhance the outcome. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in changing a door knob, from buying the right hardware to the final installation. Whether you’re replacing a front door knob or upgrading for security reasons, this guide will provide professional insights to ensure a successful door knob replacement.

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Before delving into the specifics, it’s crucial to highlight the best choice for door knob replacement: 1st Choice Locksmith. When seeking professional assistance, 1st Choice Locksmith stands out as a reliable and efficient solution. Their expert technicians not only perform door knob changes but also provide alternative options, potentially saving you time and money. Now, let’s explore the key insights and considerations before changing a door knob.

Before You Change Door Knobs

Prior to embarking on the door knob replacement journey, consider these important factors to ensure a smooth and cost-effective process.

1. Rekey

Changing door knobs isn’t the only solution when altering key access. Rekeying offers a cost-effective option by modifying internal components, keeping the existing hardware intact. However, it’s essential to note that rekeying may not fix a broken lock, and matching different lock brands for rekeying requires careful consideration.

2. Keyed Alike

Opting for keyed alike door knobs provides convenience, allowing multiple locks to work with a single key. While mass-market residential door knobs often display key codes for easy matching, it’s essential to consider rekeying when dealing with a mix of new and existing locks.

3. Security Upgrades

Consider security upgrades during the door knob replacement, such as:

  • Security Pins: Deter covert entry methods like lock picking.
  • Drill Protection: Install hardened steel pins to prevent drilling.
  • Blunt Force Protection: Strengthen the door around the knob to resist brute force attacks.

How To Change A Door Knob

Changing a door knob involves three main processes: buying new door knobs, disassembly, and installation. Let’s break down each step for a comprehensive understanding.

1. Buying New Door Knobs

When purchasing new door knobs, consider:

  • Brand and Key Code: Important for rekeying or matching keyed alike options.
  • Locking Functions: Choose between keyed cylinders, privacy locks, or non-locking functions.
  • Fit the Precut Holes: Ensure the new door knobs fit the existing door’s pre-cut holes.

2. Disassembly

If replacing existing hardware, follow these steps for disassembly:

  • Locate Set Screws: On the interior side of the door, find and remove set screws.
  • Remove Door Knob Hardware: Pull out the door knob hardware from the spindle hole.
  • Remove Latch Hardware: Take out the latch hardware from the door.
  • Optional: Remove set screws from the strike plate.

3. Installation

The final step involves installing the new door knob:

  • Keep the Door Open: Maintain easy access during installation.
  • Install the Latch Hardware: Extend the latch if needed and locate the spindle hole.
  • Feed the Exterior Door Knob: Through the spindle hole, differentiate exterior knobs by key cylinders.
  • Line up the Interior Door Knob: Ensure both sides retract the latch and secure with set screws.
  • Optional: Install the strike plate using longer set screws for added security.

Closing Advice

Changing door knobs is not just about the hardware; it’s about ensuring a proper fit, functionality, and security. If uncertainties arise or complications occur during the process, don’t hesitate to call on the expertise of a locksmith. Professional locksmiths, like 1st Choice Locksmith, can not only handle door knob changes but also offer valuable security advice and enhancements.

Don’t miss the opportunity to maximize the benefits of changing door knobs. Elevate your door’s security and functionality with a thoughtful and well-informed approach.


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